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Headquarters Staff

Image of Dan Halstrom
Dan Halstrom
President & CEO
Image of Christine Armstrong
Christine Armstrong
Executive and Administrative Coordinator
Image of Megan Bai
Megan Bai
Senior Accountant
Image of Heidi Bang
Heidi Bang
Membership Services Coordinator
Image of Erin Borror
Erin Borror
Vice President, Economic Analysis
Image of Jackie Boubin
Jackie Boubin
Vice President, Operations
Image of Tammy Connolly
Tammy Connolly
Assistant Vice President, Member Services
Image of Emily Dahme
Emily Dahme
Senior Accountant
Image of Libby Galligan
Libby Galligan
Meeting Coordinator
Image of Ashley Gamon
Ashley Gamon
Director, Program Planning
Image of Elissa Glorvigen
Elissa Glorvigen
Senior Accountant
Image of Courtney Heller
Courtney Heller
Director, Export Services
Image of John Herath
John Herath
Director, Communications
Image of John Hinners
John Hinners
Senior Vice President, Industry Relations
Image of Stacie Kishiyama
Stacie Kishiyama
Director, Accounting
Image of Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis
Vice President, Finance
Image of Valerie Lucero
Valerie Lucero
Director, HR and Administration
Image of Rod Manuel
Rod Manuel
Content and Brand Strategist
Image of Quartz McClellan
Quartz McClellan
Manager, Information Systems and Technology
Image of Paige Parker
Paige Parker
Manager, Technical Programs
Image of Jim  Remcheck
Jim Remcheck
Director, Export Services
Image of Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds
Assistant Vice President, Marketing Programs
Image of James Ridenour
James Ridenour
Staff Accountant
Image of Joe Schuele
Joe Schuele
Vice President, Communications
Image of Kaitlin Shinley
Kaitlin Shinley
Digital Content Manager
Image of Jessica Spreitzer
Jessica Spreitzer
Director, Trade Analysis
Image of Reggie Staples
Reggie Staples
Director, Compliance
Image of Bree Thompson
Bree Thompson
Trade Specialist
Image of Emily  Vavra
Emily Vavra
Marketing Program Manager
Image of Tracey Zarlengo
Tracey Zarlengo
Director, Program Evaluations & Planning