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Become a Member

USMEF Membership is available to any company or individual having a common business interest with the U.S. red meat industry. Memberships are renewed annually on October 1st, and dues are prorated for members joining in any month except October.

The following services will help USMEF members identify new market opportunities:

  • Trade leads published online.

  • USMEF news stories sent by e-mail to members wishing to be on the USMEF notification list. E-mail: Joe Schuele for inclusion.

  • The Export Newsline, USMEF’s weekly news and information newsletter

  • Exporters receive a daily USMEF bulletin

  • Online technical notes designed to provide urgent information for specific export markets

  • Online USMEF event calendar to keep members informed of USMEF promotional activities and events

  • Updated lists of importers

  • International trade team visits to members’ facilities

  • Participation in international product shows

  • Experience and assistance available from USMEF’s international offices

  • USMEF’s international offices can help members visiting their markets arrange appointments with buyers, retailers and assist in engaging translation services

  • International market studies and consumer research

  • Assistance with product claims

  • Seminars on technical, financial, market analysis and trends or trade issues

  • Access to USMEF’s Export Services Department which includes assistance with labeling, health/sanitary and certification issues, tariffs and EU and Halal pre-plant inspections at reduced rates

Market access – removing trade and technical barriers:

  • Reducing unfair tariffs and other nontariff trade barriers such as health and sanitation issues

  • Updates on tariffs, quotas, and health issues

USMEF international offices conduct product promotions that stimulate demand for U.S. products:

  • Trade seminars and joint promotions

  • Branded product promotions

  • Publicity campaigns and advertising

  • Newsletters and educational materials for international buyers

  • Promotions in retail outlets, hotels, and restaurants

  • USMEF international offices can provide one-on-one assistance on specific programs for U.S. exporters