USMEF Checkoff Funding

Checkoff funds are a critical part of the funding mix that enables USMEF to represent U.S. red meat in the global marketplace.

USMEF combines financial resources received from the USDA Market Access, Emerging Market and Foreign Market Development programs and matches them with support from Checkoff programs representing the beef, pork, corn and soybean industries.

USMEF further stretches the buying power of producers’ Checkoff funds by combining them with third-party contributions from industry partners around the world (retailers, food service outlets, importers, etc.) to create an integrated, cost-effective approach to supporting red meat exports

Following is an overview of USMEF funding in fiscal year 2015:

42.0 % USDA (MAP, FMD and FAS)
27.5 % Beef Checkoff
12.5 % Pork Checkoff
 8.5 % Soybean Checkoff
 5.5 % Corn Checkoff
 4.0 % Lamb Industry / Packer/Processors / Purveyor/Traders / Agribusiness / Farm Organizations / Others

In addition, third-party contributions accounted for $29.6 million in FY 2014, increasing the spending power of USMEF’s budget by 73 percent. Third-party contributions come in a variety of forms from USMEF’s international retail/food service partners, but primarily in support at retail/food service in advertising, point-of-sale materials, demonstrators, flyers, table-top displays, etc.