‘World Steak Challenge’ Entries due Aug. 14

‘World Steak Challenge’

A new competition for beef producers, processors and exporters designed to promote steak around the world is nearing the final month for entries. The deadline for entries in the World Steak Challenge, established by Global Meat News and its parent company, William Reed Business Media, is Aug. 14.

The international competition allows participants to enter up to two loins per animal, with up to six different loins total accepted per entrant. Judging will be blind and involve an international panel of specialists. Technical testing will cover two areas: raw and cooked. Raw analysis will include appearance, smell, color, marbling and consistency. Steaks will be cooked to a level of medium and probed to a core temperature of 122 to 131 degrees before being allowed to rest for five minutes, then sampled for tenderness, aroma and flavor.

Steaks achieving the highest in the two-part technical judging will go into the second stage, where they will be cooked by chefs and scored by a new panel of judges. Scores awarded after the second stage will be added to the total from stage one to reach an overall score. The cut with the highest total score will be awarded the title “World’s Best Steak” and its producer “World’s Best Steak Producer.”

Winners will be announced in October.

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