Recent Export Trends

  • Find slides summarizing the most recent month’s export results for U.S. pork, beef and lamb here:

  • Find slides outlining major destinations for U.S. pork and beef cuts and variety meat, and the percentage of these items exported, on this USMEF web page.

  • Global Update for U.S. Beef Liver Exports

  • USMEF analysis of key market access issues:

  • USMEF analysis of the impact of China’s retaliatory duties
  • USMEF initial assessment of potential pork and beef Industry losses that could result from Japan’s participation in new trade agreements
  • USMEF impact report on Mexico’s retaliatory duties on U.S. pork

  • NOTE: A brief, collective summary of the China, Japan and Mexico reports linked above is also available online. This summary also includes USMEF’s assessment of export losses due to Canada’s retaliatory duties on prepared/cooked beef products and the lack of available capacity in the European Union’s duty-free high-quality beef quota. If you have questions about this summary or any of USMEF’s previously issued impact reports, please email Erin Borror or call 303-623-6328.