USMEF Seeking More Details on Mexico-China Beef Agreement


This week several news outlets reported that China has signed an agreement with Mexico’s Ministry of Agriculture to begin importing Mexican beef. USMEF-Mexico is seeking more details on the agreement, but at this time it appears that the trade protocols for beef access have not been finalized. Therefore it is difficult to speculate on issues such as plant eligibility, the range of products eligible or when shipments could begin. USMEF will report further on this issue as more details become available.

In August, China’s beef/beef variety meat imports were up 2 percent from a year ago to 30,959 metric tons (mt), as smaller volumes from Australia, New Zealand and Canada were offset by growth from Uruguay and Argentina. Uruguay has been China’s largest beef supplier since June, after enforcement of China’s hormone ban slowed imports from Australia.

For January through August, Australia was still China’s largest beef supplier at 101,624 mt, up 10 percent from a year ago. Imports were also higher from Uruguay (69,143 mt, +31 percent), New Zealand (33,445 mt, +9 percent) and Argentina (9,913 mt, +141 percent), but lower from Canada (10,877 mt, -16 percent).

Data source: Global Trade Atlas