Update on North American Pork, Beef Trade

US-Canada-Pork-TradeCanada’s pork and pork variety meat exports were down 2 percent in September, with growth to the U.S., Mexico and the Philippines offset by smaller volumes to Japan, China, Russia, and South Korea. January-September trends are similar with total volume down 1 percent with growth to U.S., China, Mexico, and Philippines being offset by lower exports to Japan, Russia and Korea. Canada is also shipping more pork to Taiwan, Australia, Ukraine, Colombia, Chile and New Zealand.

Canada’s pork imports through September were down 6 percent to 141,475 mt, with lower imports from the U.S. (134,053 mt, -6 percent) and Chile (1,360 mt, -29 percent) while imports from the EU were higher (5,876 mt, +15 percent), driven by growth from Germany. U.S. net pork imports from Canada increased to 10,193 mt, the most since January 2011.

Canada’s hog slaughter (YTD through 11/2) is down 1.8 percent to 16.78 million head. U.S. imports of live hogs from Canada are down 11 percent to 4.3 million head (feeders down 12 percent to 3.5 million head; slaughter barrows and gilts down 12 percent to 313,172 head; and slaughter sows/boars down 1 percent to 392,283 head). US-Canada-Beef-Trade

Canada’s September beef and beef variety meat exports were up 15 percent from weak volumes posted a year ago, led by growth to the U.S., Hong Kong, China and Egypt. January-September exports were down 8 percent with smaller volumes to the U.S. and Mexico not fully offset by growth to Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Egypt.

Canada’s January-September beef imports were up 8 percent to 167,561 mt including: U.S. (128,161 mt, +9 percent), New Zealand (13,353 mt, -22 percent), Australia (12,063 mt, +30 percent) and Uruguay (11,620 mt, +33 percent).

September net imports from Canada widened to 2,684 mt, the largest since August 2012. The U.S. was a net importer of Canadian beef in five out of the first nine months of 2013. Canada’s cattle slaughter (YTD through 11/2) is down 3 percent to 2.194 million head. U.S. imports of live cattle from Canada are up 28 percent to 855,190 head (including feeders up 95 percent to 242,465 head; direct slaughter fed cattle down 14 percent to 306,379 head; direct slaughter cows up 64 percent to 235,727 head). US-Mexico-Beef-Trade

September net beef exports to Mexico widened to 5,617 mt (excluding variety meats), the largest since January 2012. This was helped by a stronger peso, relatively steady prices for U.S. round cuts and shoulder clods and high domestic beef prices in Mexico. U.S. imports of feeder cattle from Mexico (through Nov. 9) are down 40 percent from a year ago to 724,523 head.

Sources: All meat trade data is from Global Trade Atlas; live trade data from AMS.