U.S. Export Sales Data Updated Following Government Shutdown

W-USB-EExport sales data covering the three-week period of Oct. 4 through Oct. 24 were released Thursday for U.S. beef and pork muscle cuts. The backlog of data stems from the U.S. government shutdown in early October. The totals below show exports and net sales for these three weeks combined.

Averaging the data across the three-week period, beef export volumes trended lower but net sales were large, indicating growth in exports in coming weeks. Beef exports over the three weeks totaled 35,900 mt – down about 20 percent compared to the same three-week period in 2012, and 13 percent lower than the weekly average in September of this year. Primary destinations were Hong Kong (8,300 mt), Japan (7,700 mt), Mexico (5,800 mt), South Korea (5,000 mt), Canada (5,000 mt) and Taiwan (1,820 mt). WUSBNES

Beef net sales totaled 55,500 mt – up 43 percent compared to the same three-week period in 2012, with a weekly average 50 percent higher than in September. Net sales were primarily for Mexico (15,000 mt), Hong Kong (13,300 mt), Korea (8,900 mt), Japan (6,600 mt), Canada (4,600 mt) and Taiwan (3,550 mt). Only Korea and Canada were lower than a year ago, and Korea was 73 percent above its September average. Based on a weekly average, net sales for Mexico, Taiwan and Hong Kong during this period were double the pace established in September. Outstanding sales (sold but not yet shipped) are now 36 percent larger than last year.

Pork exports over the three-week period were 26,300 mt, primarily to Mexico (9,900 mt), Japan (3,700 mt), Canada (3,000 mt), Hong Kong (2,800 mt) and Korea (2,000 mt). Pork net sales of 23,500 mt were primarily for Mexico (7,700 mt), Korea (3,200 mt), Japan (3,100 mt), Australia (3,000 mt) and Canada (1,900 mt).

  1. Mandatory pork export sales reporting is still in its early stages and the data represent less than 40 percent of chilled/frozen pork exports, so it is not yet representative of actual volume.
  2. Weekly data only includes exports and sales of whole muscle cuts, reported by the exporters to USDA/FAS Export Sales Reporting.