U.S. Beef, Pork Exports Trend Lower; Hong Kong Drives Big Week for Beef Net Sales

double Beef exports for the week of Aug. 30-Sept. 5 totaled 11,800 mt, down 19 percent from the previous four-week average but still up slightly from a year ago. Exports were mainly for Japan (3,000 mt, -28 percent), Hong Kong (2,300 mt, +12 percent), Mexico (2,100 MT, -23 percent), South Korea (1,800 mt, -11 percent), Canada (1,200 mt, -38 percent) and Taiwan (560 mt, -23 percent).

Net sales continued their strong run at 18,900 mt (8 percent above the previous four-week average and up 23 percent from a year ago), driven mainly by large sales for Hong Kong (12,400 mt, +410 percent). Other major destinations were lower than in previous weeks, including Mexico (1,600 mt, -38 percent), Japan (1,300 mt, -75 percent), Canada (1,200 mt, -37 percent), South Korea (1,000 mt, -71 percent) and Taiwan (730 mt, -21 percent).

USDA/FAS made the following export adjustments: accumulated beef exports for 2012 were adjusted downward by 109,500 mt for the week ending Jan. 5, 2012, through the week ending Dec. 27, 2012. Country-specific adjustments (in mt) were: newtable
Pork exports for the week totaled 7,900 mt, down 20 percent from the previous four-week average. The primary destinations were Mexico (2,300 mt), Ukraine (1,100 mt), Japan (1,000 mt), Australia (900 mt) and Canada (900 mt). Net sales of 7,300 mt were primarily for Japan (2,000 mt), Ukraine (1,100 mt), Korea (900 mt), Australia (800 mt) and Mexico (800 mt).

  1. Percent change is compared to the previous four-week average, unless otherwise indicated.
  2. Mandatory pork export sales reporting is still in its early stages and the data represent less than 40 percent of chilled/frozen pork exports, so it is not yet representative of actual volume.
  3. Weekly data only includes exports and sales of whole muscle cuts, reported by the exporters to USDA/FAS Export Sales Reporting.