U.S. Beef Exports Trend Lower; Large Pork Sales for Mexico


U.S. beef exports for the week of Aug. 8-14 totaled 13,500 metric tons (mt), down 7 percent from the previous four-week average and following the lower seasonal trend. Primary destinations were Japan (4,200 mt, -18 percent), South Korea (2,200 mt, +4 percent), Hong Kong (2,100 mt, +7 percent), Mexico (2,000 mt, steady), Canada (1,500 mt, -6 percent) and Taiwan (800 mt, -3 percent).

Beef net sales were weak again at 7,300 mt, down 41 percent from the previous four-week average. Net sales were mainly reported for Japan (1,700 mt, -72 percent), Korea (1,400 mt, -26 percent), Canada (1,000 mt, -18 percent), Hong Kong (1,000 mt, -9 percent), Mexico (900 mt, -11 percent) and Taiwan (600 mt, +88 percent).


Four-week averages for pork are meaningless at this point, because results from the past two weeks were inflated by late-reported exports and net sales from earlier in the year. But U.S. pork exports for the week totaled 15,600 mt, with the main destinations being Mexico (5,900 mt), Japan (3,000 mt), Hong Kong (1,900 mt), Canada (1,600 mt), Korea (900 mt) and China (100 mt).

Pork net sales totaled 24,400 mt, which was probably close to the previous week’s total after subtracting late-reported sales. Net sales trended significantly higher week-over-week for Mexico (10,300 mt), Korea (2,800 mt) and Hong Kong (2,300 mt). Week-over-week net sales were lower for Japan (3,900 mt) and Canada (1,700 mt). Due to adjustments/cancellations, net sales were negative for China (-8 mt).


  • Source: USDA/FAS (includes exports and sales of whole muscle cuts).
  • Percent change is compared to the previous four-week average, unless otherwise noted.
  • Export is defined as an actual shipment from the U.S. to a foreign country.
  • Export sale is defined as a transaction entered into between a reporting exporter and a foreign buyer. Sales can be cancelled or adjusted in following weeks, thus “net” sales are reported as the difference between new sales and any cancelations or adjustments.