Support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Resolution #2015-11-1

SUBMITTED BY: Beef and Allied Industries Committee and Pork & Allied Industries Committee

DATE: Nov. 6, 2015

TITLE: Support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

WHEREAS, The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) offers significant tariff relief for U.S. beef and pork entering Japan and Vietnam; and

WHEREAS, TPP also contains mechanisms for addressing sanitary and phytosanitary issues that will assist the United States in reducing non-tariff trade barriers and achieving reliable market access; and

WHEREAS, TPP can serve as a template for trade with countries beyond the 12 countries currently participating in TPP; and

WHEREAS, Failure to ratify TPP could cause the U.S. to face significant disadvantages in key markets, as competitors move forward with trade agreements.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That USMEF supports ratification and implementation of TPP.