Strong Start to New Year for U.S. Meat Exports, Net Sales

This weekly export sales report covers the period of Dec. 27, 2013 through Jan. 2, 2014, which means the results are split between two marketing years.

Beef exports for Dec. 27-31 totaled 8,700 mt, and were primarily for Japan (2,000 mt), South Korea (1,900 mt), Mexico (1,800 mt) and Hong Kong (1,500 mt). Accumulated exports for 2013 reached 695,000 mt, which is down 5 percent from the previous year. However, weekly exports have tended to understate actual export volumes and USMEF expects that actual chilled/frozen beef exports in 2013 exceeded the 2012 total. January-November monthly export data (collected by the Census Bureau) showed exports up 4 percent from a year ago at 741,923 mt.

In the first two days of 2014, beef exports of 2,300 mt were mainly for Hong Kong (600 mt), Korea (600 mt) and Japan (400 mt).

Net sales for 2013 were minimal during the last few days of the year. A total of 30,600 mt were outstanding on Dec. 31, and carried over to the 2014 marketing year. Net sales for 2014 delivery totaled 5,800 mt, primarily for Hong Kong (2,600 mt), Japan (1,100 mt), Canada (600 mt) and Taiwan (500 mt). When this volume is added to the previously reported sales for 2014, the total is about 60,000 mt. Combined with the 2013 carryover, total outstanding sales are 91,146 mt.

Pork exports for Dec. 27-31 totaled 6,500 mt. Exports were mainly for Mexico (2,700 mt), Japan (1,100 mt) and Korea (700 mt). Accumulated exports of 382,300 mt were reported during 2013. This was mainly for May through December (mandatory reporting began in April), but still accounted for less than 30 percent of actual export volume based on the corresponding monthly chilled/frozen export data collected by the Census Bureau. Exports reported during the first two days of 2014 year were 1,900 mt, mainly for Japan (700 mt), Mexico (500 mt) and Korea (200 mt).

Minimal pork net sales for 2013 delivery were reported in the last few days of the year. A total of 24,200 mt were outstanding on Dec. 31 and carried over to the 2014 marketing year. Large net sales of 21,100 mt were reported for 2014, but given the transition to a new year and carried-over sales, one should not read too much into the big sales total. These sales were primarily for Mexico (6,300 mt), Korea (4,800 mt), Canada (2,300 mt) and Australia (2,100 mt).


  • Mandatory pork export sales reporting is still in its early stages and the data only represent around 30 percent of chilled/frozen pork exports, so it is difficult to draw meaningful trends from the data.
  • Weekly data only includes exports and sales of whole muscle cuts, reported by the exporters to USDA/FAS Export Sales Reporting.