Register now for USMEF’S Board of Directors Meeting

Members can still register to attend USMEF’s Board of Directors Meeting, May 22-24, at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, in Arlington, Va.

Attendees will hear guest speakers’ insights into the Obama administration’s trade agenda, the impact of the budget process on export market development programs and the implications for our industry and international trade. In addition, USMEF’s international directors will discuss the latest market developments and trade issues, and members will have the opportunity for one-on-one questions on specific issues. The Friday closing session will include a presentation on the value of branding internationally.

For those meeting attendees who wish to take advantage of the proximity to our nation’s capital to visit with their congressional representatives, USMEF can provide talking points on the importance of agricultural exports and maintaining funding for USDA’s MAP and FMD programs. You may look up your representatives by clicking here. Attendees are responsible for scheduling their own visits, but email Jim Herlihy, USMEF’s vice president of communications, or phone (303-623-6328), for talking points.

Questions? Contact Jackie Boubin, director of meeting services, at (303) 623-6328 or Register online.

More than 150 people have already signed up to attend:

Member Organization Representative
Agri Beef Co. Jay Theiler
Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corp. Makoto Kobayashi
AJC International Inc. Emmanuel Bidegain
ALIC Takanori Yamagami
American Farm Bureau Federation John Anderson
American Farm Bureau Federation Veronica Nigh
American Foods Group Roy Anderson
American Foods Group Jeff Jones
American Lamb Board Dennis Stiffler
American Meat Institute William Westman
Arkansas Beef Council Gene Pharr
Arkansas Farm Bureau Tom Jones
Cargill Meat Solutions Edward Troutman
Cargill Meat Solutions Norman Bessac
Cattlemen’s Beef Board Kim Brackett
Cattlemen’s Beef Board Polly Ruhland
Cattlemen’s Beef Board Weldon Wynn
Certified Angus Beef LLC Geof Bednar
Colorado Farm Bureau Carlyle Currier
Colorado Premium Kevin LaFleur
Corn Marketing Program of Michigan Theresa Sisung
FPL Food LLC Steve Hixon
Greater Omaha Packing Co. Inc. Jerome Wiggs
Grove Services Inc. Kevin Pentz
Halal Transactions of Omaha Ahmad Alabsy
Halal Transactions of Omaha Jalot Alabsy
Hardin Farms John Hardin
Hormel Foods Corporation Matt Niblock
Hormel Foods Corporation Feng Walkup
Hormel Foods Corporation Jack Shao
Idaho Beef Council John Morgan Evans
Illinois Corn Marketing Board Lou Lamoreux
Illinois Corn Marketing Board Gary Schmalshof
Illinois Corn Marketing Board Jim Tarmann
Illinois Farm Bureau Tamara Nelson
Illinois Soybean Association Mark Albertson
Indiana Corn Marketing Council Mike Buis
Indiana Farm Bureau Inc. Greg Slipher
Indiana Pork Randall Curless
Indiana Soybean Alliance Tom Griffiths
Indiana Soybean Alliance Andy Tauer
Interra International Inc. John Donofrio
Iowa Beef Industry Council Scott Heater
Iowa Beef Industry Council Daryl Strohbehn
Iowa Corn Growers Association Dennis Friest
Iowa Corn Growers Association Wayne Humphreys
Iowa Corn Growers Association Brooke Kerns
Iowa Corn Growers Association Dean Meyer
Iowa Corn Growers Association Jay Lynch
Iowa Corn Growers Association Roger Zylstra
Iowa Economic Development Authority Mark Fischer
Iowa Farm Bureau Jim McKnight
Iowa Pork Producers Association Marvin Rietema
Iowa Soybean Association Karen Long
JBS Roger Goulding
JBS Mark Gustafson
Kansas Beef Council Dana Hauck
Kansas Beef Council Kevin Thielen
Kansas Farm Bureau Richard Felts
Kansas Farm Bureau Keith Miller
Kansas Soybean Commission Kenlon Johannes
Kansas Soybean Commission James Zwonitzer
Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Nelson Curry
Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation Fritz Giesecke
Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation Mike Tobin
Lamex Foods Inc Robert Lucas
Lamex Foods Inc Robert Preska
Merck Animal Health Judson Vasconcelos
Merck Animal Health John Graettinger
Merck Animal Health Mitchell Johnson
Merck Animal Health David Yates
MetaFoods LLC Knud Aagaard-Svendsen
Minnesota Soybeans Research and Promotion Council Paul Simonsen
Mirasco Inc. Sami Rizk
Missouri Beef Industry Council John Browning
Missouri Corn Growers Association Morris Heitman
Missouri Corn Growers Association Mike Moreland
Missouri Corn Growers Association Gary Wheeler
Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council Bruce Schmoll
Monsanto Marsha Stanton
Montana Beef Council Erik Somerfeld
National Beef Packing Company LLC Peter Michalski
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Michael Gebhart
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Richard Husted
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Cevin Jones
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Kevin Kester
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Forrest Roberts
National Pork Board Jill Appell
National Pork Board Tim Bierman
National Pork Board Sam Carney
National Pork Board Craig Christensen
National Pork Board Rich Degner
National Pork Board Everett Forkner
National Pork Board Dermot Hayes
National Pork Board Becca Hendricks
National Pork Board Roy Henry
National Pork Board Bill Luckey
National Pork Board Henry Moore
National Pork Board Conley Nelson
National Pork Board Christopher Novak
National Pork Board David Reinecker
National Pork Board Doug Wolf
National Pork Board Brian Zimmerman
National Pork Producers Council Nick Giordano
National Pork Producers Council Laurie Hueneke
North Dakota Beef Commission Jerry Effertz
Nebraska Beef Council Chris Abbott
Nebraska Corn Board Kelsey Pope
Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation Sherry Vinton
Nebraska Pork Producers Association Janice Miller
Nebraska Soybean Board Andy Chvatal
Nebraska Soybean Board Terry Horky
Nebraska Soybean Board Ed Lammers
Nebraska Soybean Board Ron Pavelka
Oklahoma Beef Council Heather Buckmaster
Oklahoma Beef Council RD Farr
Oregon Beef Council Will Wise
Phibro Animal Health Corporation Warren Harper
Porky Products Inc. Mark Boyd
Preferred Freezer Services Adam Mille
Preferred Freezer Services John Zarrella
South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council Adam Herges
South Dakota Beef Industry Council Wayne Tupper
Seaboard Foods David Peterson
Smithfield Foods International Group Mike Skahill
Smithfield Packing Joseph Weber
South Dakota Beef Industry Council John Symens
Texas Beef Council Jason Bagley
Texas Beef Council Larry Pratt
Texas Farm Bureau Pat McDowell
Texas Farm Bureau Tracy Tomascik
United Soybean Board Melanie Fitzpatrick
United Soybean Board Samuel Funk
United Soybean Board Philip Lobo
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Lesley Ahmed
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Valerie Brown
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Zechariah Henderson
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Claire Mezoughem
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Tim Rocke
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Lazaro Sandoval
USMEF Chairman Stephen Isaf
USMEF Chairman Elect Mark Jagels
USMEF Past Chairman Danita Rodibaugh
USMEF Secretary/Treasurer Roel Andriessen
USMEF Vice Chairman Leann Saunders
USWORLD Foods Ltd. Scott Link
Utah Farm Bureau Federation Steve Osguthorpe
Virginia Beef Industry Council Charlie Drumheller
Weaver Farms Steve Weaver
Wisconsin Beef Council Charles Adami
Wisconsin Beef Council John Freitag
Wyoming Beef Council Irvin Petsch
Zoetis Dan Harter