U.S.-Kenya FTA Negotiations

In April 2020, USMEF submitted comments to USTR regarding upcoming trade agreement negotiations with the Republic of Kenya. USMEF’s comments, which are available online, highlight the fact that while Kenya is technically open to U.S. red meat, trade is minimal due to a number of barriers. At the top of this list is Kenya’s applied most-favored-nation tariff rate of 25% (bound at 100%) across all beef and pork products. USMEF urges elimination of all tariffs on U.S. red meat through a free trade agreement and cautions that tariff rate quotas should be avoided.

USMEF also highlighted several non-tariff barriers and potential trade obstacles, including the need to clarify eligibility for U.S. pork, concerns about Kenya’s burdensome import license system, restrictions on transshipment of products en route to Kenya and a lack of clarity on import veterinary drug residue and microbiological standards.

UPDATE: The U.S. and Kenya opened the first round of FTA negotiations on July 8, 2020.

UPDATE: The second round of U.S.-Kenya FTA negotiations concluded in early November 2020. In a Nov. 10, 2020 meeting of the USMEF Exporter Committee, USTR stated that negotiations on sanitary and phytosanitary measures have gone well, but cautioned that gaining tariff reductions for U.S. ag products entering Kenya could be more difficult.