Pork Documentation Requirements Updated for Peru

On July 15, USMEF alerted exporters that Peru had begun to enforce a new documentation requirement for U.S. pork, and that this could result in shipments being detained.

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Export Library has been updated to reflect this requirement, and now includes the following language:

Note: On the FSIS letterhead certificate, the non-applicable trichinae treatment(s) must be struck through and signed with the full name of the FSIS certifying official beside the strike through, in blue ink.

Exporters who have had pork shipments detained, or who have product en route to Peru, should request an in lieu of certificate with the certifying FSIS inspector’s signature by #7 of the letterhead. This will be necessary to release detained product or prevent possible delays for product about to arrive. For more information, please email Cheyenne McEndaffer or call 303-623-6328.