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U.S. Beef, Pork Featured During Culinary Tour in Colombia

Published: Jan 05, 2023
Leading restaurants in Medellin and Bogota participated in promotions where consumers learn about and dine on unique, top-quality dishes

As the availability of U.S. beef and pork in Colombia expands in the retail sector, industry efforts are accelerating to differentiate U.S. red meat with consumers as top quality through the foodservice sector in Colombia’s most-populated cities. As part of a culinary tour called La Ruta Gastronómica, U.S. beef and pork were featured at 31 restaurants during November in Medellin and at 27 restaurants in Bogota during December.

La Ruta Gastronómica celebrates and promotes fine dining and regional cuisines in predetermined cities. Promotions were established for participating restaurants in November and December, with U.S. beef and pork dishes as the star attractions, featured in center-of-the plate dishes.

U.S. beef and pork dishes were featured at participating restaurants during La Ruta Gastronómica in Colombia

USMEF Corporate Chef Nicolas Diaz helps journalists photograph unique U.S. beef and pork dishes featured in the culinary tour

“La Ruta has established an excellent reputation for promoting trendy and creative dishes at leading restaurants. Top-quality, premium cuts of U.S. red meat are perfect for the restaurants on this tour,” says USMEF Trade Specialist Maria Isabel Ruiz. Each participating restaurant selected at least one dish with U.S. beef or pork, sometimes both, and offered a special discount.

USMEF worked with participating restaurants on the cuts and dishes to be featured during the promotions while La Ruta Gastronómica worked directly with social media influencers and traditional media to publicize the U.S. beef and pork dishes that were available at each participating restaurant.

To review a Spanish-language video about the La Ruta Gastronómica promotion, go here.

Funding support was provided by USDA’s Agricultural Trade Promotion program, corn checkoff and soybean checkoff programs.