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Nationwide U.S. Beef Contest in Peru Honors Those Who Grill

Published: Jul 17, 2022
The first nationwide contest for U.S. beef in Peru invites amateur grillers to submit their best ideas for beef taste and tenderness

Those who produce superior flavor and tenderness from beef on a grill should be rewarded, and a nationwide contest for U.S. beef in Peru this summer is doing just that.

“Chefs are given attention and respect for their work in the kitchen and rightly so,” says Jessica Julca, USMEF South America representative. “So should those who excel on the grill and that’s what makes this contest fun for people.”

Parrillero que se respeta - the name of a current six-week contest in Peru - translates roughly to "the griller who is respected."

The campaign is nationwide and includes special events and promotions in the three major markets for U.S. beef outside of Lima: Piura and Trujillo along the north coast and Arequipa in the central highlands.

Events with distributors and foodservice accounts took place in each of the three cities to kick off the contest, which began June 14 and continues through July 31.

The contest is funded by USDA’s Agricultural Trade Promotion Program, the Beef Checkoff Program, Texas Beef Council and the Beef Promotion Research Council of Texas.

During the contest period, those who buy any U.S. beef cut in any city or province in Peru can register their purchase on an entry form and upload it to the USMEF website to receive an immediate gift.

USMEF Executive Chef Nicolas Diaz (second from right) helped kick off the six-week contest with distributors and foodservice accounts in Piura, Peru

While uploading their entry form, consumers will also have an opportunity to provide a creative and unique grilling tip. The 10 participants who submit the best and most creative grilling ideas will be invited to prepare and grill U.S. beef in front of a three-person jury at a grand finale contest in Lima. The top three finishers will receive additional prizes, including supplies of U.S. beef cuts.

The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service in Lima is supporting the grand finale and other U.S. food brands will be invited, adds Julca. “The contest is a fun way to boost awareness of U.S. beef and we’re seeing great coverage from traditional and social media.”