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Japanese Restaurant Chain Develops New Dish with U.S. Pork and U.S. Beef

Published: Nov 29, 2023

Katsuya, Japan’s largest pork cutlet chain, recently completed a successful test of a new menu item featuring U.S. pork and U.S. beef.  It is the first time the chain, with 450 nationwide outlets, has utilized U.S. beef.

In line with USMEF’s global strategy to develop demand for underutilized cuts, USMEF had previously worked with Katsuya to develop and promote new dishes utilizing the U.S. pork loin and tenderloin. Successful promotions encouraged the chain to consider developing a new menu item that included U.S. pork loin and U.S. beef short plate. Katsuya reported that the promotion moved large volumes of U.S. product.

“Katsuya is very pleased with U.S. product quality and plans to continue developing menu items with U.S. pork and beef,” says USMEF Japan Director Satoshi Kato.

Promotional funding was provided by the National Pork Board and USDA’s Market Access Program.