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Japan’s Largest Pork Cutlet Restaurant Chain Switches to U.S. Pork

Published: Sep 06, 2023

Global strategies to build demand for the U.S. pork loin are paying dividends in several markets, including high-value market Japan. Katsuya, Japan’s largest pork cutlet restaurant chain, has switched to using U.S. pork loin and tenderloin at its 450 outlets.

“Our team is working closely with targeted foodservice accounts, looking for menu opportunitites for U.S. pork. We have had some successes this summer,” says USMEF Japan Director Satoshi Kato. “Katsuya appreciated our partnership approach and has switched to chilled U.S. pork for its menu items. They also want to work with us to develop new items with the U.S. pork loin for promotions later this year.”

Katsuya plans to conduct additional seasonal promotions for U.S. pork dishes during USMEF’s Porktober promotion, and for the company’s anniversary promotion in December.

Promotional funding was provided by USDA’s Market Access Program.

U.S. pork promotion at Japan’s largest pork cutlet chain.