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Heartland Team Shares U.S. Story with Customers in Korea, Japan

Published: Oct 03, 2023

A delegation of U.S. producers and agricultural leaders from numerous states visited Seoul and Tokyo to see how checkoff dollars work to build demand for U.S. red meat in two leading export markets.

The Heartland Team visited a further processing plant and a demonstration of home meal replacement kits in Korea, showed Japanese social media influencers how to grill U.S. beef and pork, toured production for one of the fastest growing burger chains in the region and visited multiple retail locations featuring U.S. product. With checkoff dollars at work in both countries, the “see-for-yourself” aspect was a critical part of the tour as participants saw the intense global competition for consumers’ food spending in these key export markets.

“It’s important for producers to get out to our export markets to learn about our customers, why they are buying our products and how they are using them,” says Randy Spronk, Minnesota pork producer and USMEF Chair-elect.

“It’s also important for our customers to hear from our producers about the care that goes into the products they buy from us. Our story is about safety, nutrition, quality and sustainability and it means a great deal when customers hear that story directly from those of us who grow the product.” 

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Don Pemberton of Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association provided a red meat grilling demonstration for social media influencers in Japan.