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Grand Finale of U.S. Beef Contest Draws Broad Media Coverage in Peru

Published: Sep 24, 2022

Watch video. The first-ever, nationwide promotion for U.S. beef in Peru drew to an exciting conclusion last month as 10 finalists demonstrated their grilling skills for expert judges in Lima for the honor of being named “Top Griller.” The finalists were judged to have submitted the best and most creative grilling ideas for U.S. beef during a six-week promotion.

Interest in the contest was tremendous, said Jessica Julca, USMEF South America representative, citing 178 participating retail stores in three cities and broad media reach among influencers, social media and traditional media. The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service in Lima also supported the grand finale and the top three finishers received several prizes, including U.S. beef cuts. The contest was funded by USDA’s Agricultural Trade Promotion Program, the Beef Checkoff Program, Texas Beef Council and the Beef Promotion Research Council of Texas.