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Colombian Consumers Given New Ideas for Preparing U.S. Pork

Published: Apr 04, 2019

Sharing new ideas for cooking and serving U.S. pork, USMEF partnered with a Colombian importer and distributor for a two-part event that featured educational sessions, demonstrations and tastings. The event, held in cooperation with Cali, Colombia-based Alimentos Carbel, was funded by the National Pork Board.

USMEF handed out samples of U.S. pork to consumers at Carnes Super, a retail meat shop chain in Colombia

Carbel distributes a variety of U.S. pork products from its 23 outlets – with an emphasis on loins, chops and ribs.

Don Mason, USMEF representative in Colombia, was joined by USMEF chef Miguel Angel Hurtado to lead the event, which began with the cooking and tasting of U.S. pork loin at a Carnes Super retail shop. Mason and Hurtado answered questions from consumers and distributed recipe books to help spread the word about the quality and versatility of U.S. pork and provide new ideas for pork dishes.

“The shop does very good business and is very active, moving a lot of imported and domestic meat,” explained Mason. “In the short time we were there, we handed out more than 30 recipe books and interacted with twice that many customers. It’s a very good way to share information with families about the advantages of including U.S. pork in meals at home.”

Nelson Cardona (left) of Alimentos Carbel in Colombia and USMEF chef Miguel Angel Hurtado share information about U.S. pork with shoppers at the Surtifamiliar supermarket in Cali, Colombia

The second part of the activity was held at Surtifamiliar, a nearby supermarket where Alimentos Carbel’s lineup of products dominates the meat department. Mason, Hurtado and Nelson Cardona of Alimentos Carbel conducted a cooking demonstration and answered questions from members of a local shopping club who had been invited via social media and group text messages.

About 40 participants were served salads featuring U.S. pork. Discussions were held on proper thawing and handling of U.S. pork and the many ways to include pork in healthy dishes.

“The shopping club members were interested in healthy eating and incorporating pork into their meals,” said Mason. “We gave them advice on cooking methods and explained to them that pork does not need to be cooked at high temperatures. It was a very good exchange and you could see that the education and advice were very much appreciated.”