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Alternative U.S. Beef Cuts, U.S. Pork Featured at Training Sessions in Spain

Published: Oct 26, 2023

USMEF implemented first-ever foodservice seminars in Spain to build distribution links, demonstrate culinary uses for alternative U.S. beef cuts and introduce U.S. pork to foodservice customers. Three U.S. meat “roadshow” events were implemented for customers of importers in Madrid, Barcelona and Jerez, with USMEF Corporate Chef German Navarrete conducting the training sessions.

Navarrete also visited select customers of the importers in each city, reviewing their menus and operations while offering U.S. beef alternatives to current menu items.

“We’re partnering with local importers and distributors to develop demand with their end-user customers in foodservice and retail,” says USMEF Europe Regional Assistant Camila Sanchez. “Chef German demonstrated culinary applications for alternative cuts of U.S. beef and introduced the quality attributes that differentiate U.S. pork.”

Funding support for U.S. meat roadshows was provided by the Beef Checkoff Program, Nebraska Beef Council, South Dakota Beef Industry Council and the National Pork Board.

USMEF Corporate Chef German Navarrete conducted U.S meat master classes for importer clientele in three Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Jerez.