Wine Pairing Demonstration Showcases Flavor of U.S. Lamb in Mexico

Working to increase awareness and interest in U.S. lamb in Mexico, USMEF partnered with Domecq, a wine maker in the country, for a virtual cooking demonstration that paired lamb cuts with local wines.

Pre-packaged kits that included ingredients to prepare U.S. lamb stew and leg steak were sent to social media influencers and selected Mexican chefs. Via Zoom, USMEF chef ambassador Alejandro Zarate demonstrated the quality attributes of U.S. lamb, while Alberto Verdeja of Domecq talked about wines that pair well with high-quality lamb meat.

During the online session, participants learned about the characteristics of U.S. lamb that set it apart from competitors’ products – flavor, tenderness and the sustainability practices of U.S. lamb producers. The nutritional value of U.S. lamb was also highlighted.

“For some participants the taste of U.S. lamb was a surprise, as many Mexican consumers – even the foodies – had never sampled it,” said Elena González, USMEF foodservice manager in Mexico. “They were also pleased with the pairings of U.S. lamb and a variety of wines, especially how the lamb meat pairs with red and rosé wines.”

A virtual cooking demonstration promoted the pairing of U.S. lamb with a variety of wines