Webinars in Central America Explain U.S. Pork’s Nutritional Value

Using a multi-media approach to reach consumers in Central America, USMEF launched a series of webinars with Dr. Sindy Orellana designed to promote the benefits of eating U.S. pork.

Funded by the National Pork Board, the webinar series included seven one-minute videos that were supported by a radio campaign and online outreach. The presentations by Orellana were also shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Orellana, a Guatemala-based M.D. with education and expertise in nutrition, psychiatry and life coaching, addressed topics involving diet, physical health and the handling of the emotional stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. She explained how high-quality protein sources like U.S. pork benefit the body and the mind.

USMEF’s strategy was to present the educational materials in a simple and accessible way for consumers in the region, where pork is emerging as a popular center-of-the-plate protein. The short videos were supported by radio spots and sponsorship of a virtual running race event organized by the Guatemalan government.

Live streaming of Orellana’s presentations was supplemented with input from local chefs and added to Facebook and Instagram platforms to gain a broader audience.

Webinars organized by USMEF and shared on social media in Guatemala featured Dr. Sindy Orellana explaining the nutritional value and health benefits of U.S. pork