‘U.S. Beef Night’ Activity Promotes Several Cuts to Consumers in Dubai

Supporting importers of U.S. beef in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as well as the region’s foodservice sector, USMEF conducted “American Beef Night” activities over a 10-day period at Chamas Churrascaria & Bar, a well-known steakhouse in Dubai.

Funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, the promotion highlighted more than a dozen U.S. beef cuts in a variety of dishes selected by local chef Christophe Prud’homme and the Faisal Al Nusif Trading Co., a major importer of U.S. beef in the UAE.

U.S. beef short ribs, tenderloin, striploin and ribeye received the most attention from consumers who visited the restaurant as Dubai’s COVID-19 restrictions began to ease.

“Life in the UAE seems to be getting somewhat closer to normal with social distancing rules, precautionary measures and proper hygiene practices,” explained Bassam Bousaleh, USMEF’s representative in the region. “Before COVID, Dubai’s tourism and restaurant industries were growing fast. In the wake of the pandemic, as occupancies in restaurants began to increase in September, USMEF saw an opportunity to bring back our Beef Night event at one of the most popular eateries in Dubai. This activity is typically very effective because it combines consumer education with a dining out experience that includes U.S. beef.”

As COVID-19 restrictions were eased, chefs shared information about a variety of cuts during “U.S. Beef Night” activities at the Chamas Churrascaria & Bar in Dubai