TV, Social Media Promotion in Middle East Shares 30 U.S. Beef Recipes

Taking advantage of growing television and social media viewership during the COVID-19 pandemic, USMEF collaborated with Al Dafrah TV in Dubai on a series of broadcast segments highlighting U.S. beef dishes for consumers in the Middle East.

Funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, the series promoted U.S. beef over a 10-week period. Along with recipes, each segment also promoted U.S. beef’s quality, versatility and its availability in the region.

The Emirates Culinary Guild participated in the project, handling details related to recipe development, kitchen locations, ingredients and recruiting chefs to present each segment.

A total of 30 recipes were shared in the series, with a variety of U.S. beef cuts – brisket, tenderloin, flank, ribeye, ground beef – serving as the star of each episode.

An episode featuring U.S. beef steak with mushroom sauce can be seen here.

According to Eliane Elia, USMEF representative in the region, results of the promotion exceeded the goals. The campaign reached more than 1.7 million viewers, including more than 410,000 views on Al Dafrah TV social media channels – YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“Sharing the recipe videos on USMEF’s social media platforms broadened the reach and increased U.S. beef’s presence at an important time, when more and more consumers are shopping at retail for their food and looking for new ideas for dishes they can prepare at home,” said Elia.

USMEF and Al Dafrah TV in Dubai partnered to broadcast a series of segments that featured U.S. beef recipes using a variety of cuts available in the market