Tunisia Now Open to U.S. Beef

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and USDA announced that Tunisia is now open to U.S. beef, poultry and egg products. More details are in this USTR/USDA joint news release.

All federally inspected plants are eligible to export to Tunisia and further guidance on labeling and other requirements is included in this USDA GAIN Report. Halal certification is not required for export to Tunisia, but it is likely that most product requests will be for halal-certified beef.

Last year the European Union reported beef/beef variety exports to Tunisia of 2,836 metric tons (mt) valued at $11 million, which mainly consisted of chilled beef and livers. Brazil’s exports totaled 1,518 mt valued at $5.5 million, mainly frozen beef cuts. Small volumes were also reported by New Zealand, Canada and India. Tunisia’s import duty rate for all beef items is 36%.

Exporters with questions may contact Travis Arp.