Trainings in Beijing Help Importers Promote U.S. Red Meat to Clients

USMEF conducted a series of training sessions that helped importers and distributors educate current and potential customers about high-quality U.S. red meat.

Funded by the Texas Beef Council and the United Soybean Board, the trainings held over three days in Beijing also highlighted the value and availability of U.S. red meat in the Chinese market.

The first training session was held with the Hopewise International Trading Company, a key beef and pork importer in Beijing that specializes in the catering industry. The company’s goal in partnering with USMEF was to develop new catering clients and educate existing clients about culinary applications for alternative cuts of U.S. red meat.

Session No. 2 was conducted for Beijing All Beef Trade Company, a new U.S. beef distributor that began doing business in 2020. The company mainly deals in high-end beef and pork products and serves luxury hotels and restaurants around Beijing. Prime-grade, chilled U.S. beef accounts for more than 50% of the products the company trades. The training was intended to introduce high-quality U.S. beef products to its restaurant clients and encourage them to replace Australian beef with U.S. beef.

The third session was with Mi Xi Butcher, a community-based meat shop that specializes in pork and beef. U.S. red meat accounts for 50% of total products sold by the business. The aim of the training was to help Mi Xi Butcher educate its customers about U.S. production practices, USDA grading and the unique flavor of U.S. beef and pork.

Clients of Beijing All Beef Trade Company learn about U.S. beef during a USMEF training session