Trade Education and Training Spotlighted in South America

An in-country presence is critical to providing timely education and training support to U.S. suppliers, importers, distributors and end-user customers.

With USMEF staff embedded in markets worldwide, the U.S. red meat industry capitalizes on market opportunities and partners with buyers to develop export opportunities. Before reaching consumers with promotional activities, fundamental market development activities related to training and education are often necessary to get U.S. product through the trade, retail and foodservice sectors.

Activities conducted during a recent two-week period in Peru and Chile, funded by USDA’s Market Access Program, the Beef Checkoff Program and the National Pork Board, shed light on trade education and training activities that regularly occur in markets in all stages of development around the world.

Product Launch – USMEF South America Representative Jessica Julca brought in a noted meat scientist to provide technical assistance to a Peruvian importer of U.S. beef looking to launch a new product using the inside skirt. Recommendations were made on the tenderization process related to trim, the temperature of the cut/enzyme solution and the need for chilling after processing. The importer followed the recommendations and is working on shelf-life tests to change the presentation to chilled.

Plant Operator Training – Julca and the meat scientist conducted technical training with 40 plant operators from 10 Peruvian importers. Basic principles of meat science were covered along with educational background about U.S. red meat production, food safety standards and high-quality attributes.

Distributor Education – An importer/processor/distributor in Chile requested training and education about U.S. pork production and quality for its salesforce and plant operators. Julca arranged a video meeting with simultaneous translation for 25 meeting participants. Cheyenne McEndaffer, USMEF senior director of export services/access, gave a presentation about U.S. pork production, safety, feed inputs and high-quality attributes.

Distributor Education – A USMEF member recently opened a new plant in Peru and has selected five distributors representing outlying provinces. Following a tour of the new plant, Julca provided an educational training session to the distributors about U.S. beef production, safety, feed inputs and high-quality attributes.

Foodservice Training – A U.S. beef distributor in Peru requested follow-up training for staff about the flat iron cut. The group requested a technical demonstration of how to cut and trim the flat iron for use in foodservice. Julca coordinated a video call with a USMEF Chef to perform the cutting and trimming demonstration.

Importer Education – USMEF Director, Trade Analysis Jessica Spreitzer provided a periodic trade and market analysis update for South American importers and distributors. Spreitzer summarized the latest production and pricing trends for U.S. beef and pork.

Following a new plant tour, Jessica Julca, USMEF representative in South America, leads a U.S. beef training session for new U.S. beef distributors located in the outer provinces of Peru

USMEF provided technical advice to a U.S. beef distributor for the launch of an inside skirt product