‘Super Grills’ Promotion Encourages Central American Consumers to Choose U.S. Red Meat

To capitalize on the growing popularity of outdoor grilling in Central America, USMEF partnered with Walmart to launch a seasonal campaign called “Super Parrilleros” (Super Grills) to highlight U.S. red meat alongside grilling equipment, sauces and rubs.

With funding from the Beef Checkoff Program and the National Pork Board, USMEF in May launched the promotion at eight Walmart locations in Guatemala and 12 locations in Costa Rica. The campaign will continue each weekend until the end of September. This month, similar promotions are scheduled at Walmarts in Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

In addition to the promotions, USMEF will be working with Walmart to make sure U.S. red meat is stocked and available in participating stores during weekends throughout the campaign.

“Many items for grilling are available on the Walmart website and a social media strategy was created to engage consumers about grilling meat – it’s a segment that has grown considerably,” said Lucia Ruano, USMEF representative in Central America and the Dominican Republic. “Our goal is to encourage people who are planning a grilling experience to choose U.S. beef and pork, whether they are shopping online or shopping in person at a Walmart store.”

USMEF has teamed with Walmart in Central America to promote U.S. beef and pork for summer grilling season