Pork Truck Remains Important Tool for Promoting U.S. Pork in Mexico

USMEF’s popular Pork Truck Tour resumed in Mexico at the beginning of 2021 to encourage the consumption of U.S. pork while supporting USMEF´s commercial partners during COVID-19. Funded by the USDA Market Access Program (MAP) and the Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP), the specially decorated truck promoted U.S. pork ham steaks, pulled pork and other dishes in Puebla, Tlaxcala and Aguascalientes.

Educational presentations and tasting sessions were included at each tour stop.

“Because consumer tastings have been restricted at supermarkets across Mexico due to COVID-19, the Pork Truck has served as an alternative for USMEF to sample and promote U.S. pork items,” explained Lorenzo Elizalde, USMEF trade manager in Mexico. “Our goal is to help the foodservice and retail sectors increase sales of U.S. pork amid the adverse economic situation caused by the pandemic. Pork Truck activities are conducted in outdoor spaces, allowing us to reach more consumers, which is important to our commercial partners.”

The Pork Truck has proven to be a versatile tool for USMEF.

“A big advantage of the Pork Truck is that we can use it as a mobile classroom and a mobile kitchen,” said Elizalde. “As a bonus, because of the way it has been decorated, the truck is also a moving billboard that advertises U.S. pork as we drive it from city to city.”

USMEF’s Pork Truck was used as a tool to promote U.S. pork in three Mexican cities at the beginning of 2021