Pork Truck Launched to Help U.S. Pork Importers, Distributors in Mexico

Providing importers and distributors in Mexico a mobile tool for conducting COVID-friendly cutting demonstrations, grilling workshops and tasting sessions, USMEF recently launched a project that includes use of a specially outfitted van.

A short video of the “pork truck” in action at a U.S. pork grill master class in Mexico City can be seen here.

National Pork Board and the Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP) funded the truck and the pork master class, which was led by chef Serdio Lucke and included lessons on how to prepare U.S. pork belly tacos and U.S. pork tomahawk. Sommelier Sandra Book shared options for pairing pork dishes with red wines and craft beers.

Lorenzo Elizalde, USMEF trade manager in Mexico, said USMEF’s partners have embraced the pork truck idea and were eager to participate in the Mexico City class – the first stop on a USMEF Pork Truck Tour.

“Our objective is to help USMEF’s partners have an easier time holding outdoor activities and help them increase sales of U.S. pork in the middle of an economic crisis caused by the pandemic,” explained Elizalde. “As the truck moves around Mexico, our trade sector partners will be able to use it as an educational tool with their customers.”

A van outfitted to help importers and distributors in Mexico conduct COVID-friendly workshops and tasting sessions recently made its debut at a U.S. pork grill master class