Popular Chef Promotes U.S. Beef to Middle East Instagrammers

As COVID-19 restrictions limited group activities in the Middle East, USMEF responded by recruiting one of the region’s top social media culinary personalities to perform live U.S. beef cooking demonstrations on Instagram.

Funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, the live broadcasts highlighted the attributes of U.S. beef to a large online audience built by Chef Maroun Chedid, who starred on Top Chef Middle East and owns the Maroun Chedid Cooking Academy in Lebanon.

Chef Chedid explained the quality and advantages of U.S. beef cuts such as tenderloin, chuck and brisket. He also shared his experiences cooking with alternative cuts of U.S. beef, emphasizing their quality, versatility potential for enhancing profits in the region’s growing foodservice sector. Beef Wellington and beef burger recipes were also showcased during Chef Chedid’s Instagram broadcasts.

Chef Maroun Chedid, a popular culinary personality in the Middle East, promoted U.S. beef during live cooking demonstrations that were broadcast on Instagram