‘Pick and Go’ Assists Mexican Shoppers, Promotes U.S. Pork Cuts

USMEF is promoting U.S. pork ribs, chops, hams and jowls while also supporting social distancing measures for customers of a popular meat retail chain in northeastern Mexico.

Funded by the USDA Market Access Program (MAP) and the Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP), the “Pick and Go” activity at 18 Carnes Ramos locations in Monterrey features USMEF staff helping shoppers buy meat while abiding by social distancing measures.

Customers pull into one of the store’s parking lots and order meat through a USMEF staff member – either while remaining in the car or by stopping at a special booth set up at the stores’ entrances to accept orders.

The orders are then delivered to cars by USMEF. The “Pick and Go” campaign will run through the end of May.

A USMEF staff member is stationed in front of a Carnes Ramos store in Monterrey, Mexico, to take orders from customers