Media Tour Pairs U.S. Red Meat with Local Ag Products in Mexico

Social media campaign promotes consumption of locally grown ingredients and the development of creative recipes with U.S. red meat

A campaign that began in Mexico in 2021 to demonstrate U.S. red meat industry support for local agricultural production has drawn significant interest, motivating USMEF to extend the effort through 2022. The virtual “Meat and Greet” tour includes stops at 10 different cities where local production is featured and recipes are specially developed for those ingredients with U.S. beef and pork.

WATCH TOUR VIDEO: A stop in Queretaro featured local production of wine and cheese and the development of U.S. beef and pork dishes with these ingredients

Each stop on the tour is an educational journey into the area and includes interviews with those who produce agricultural products native to that region. Each story then turns to the development of unique and creative U.S. beef and pork dishes with those products as USMEF Corporate Chef German Navarette works with local chefs.

USMEF Corporate Chef German Navarette (right) teams with local chefs to develop new recipes for U.S. red meat with featured local ingredients

Examples of locally grown ingredients that have been included in new recipes include ground coffee, hydroponic vegetables, honey, habanero peppers, wine, aged cheese, beer and mole.

The tour has included stops in several cities, including Coatepec, Merida, Ensanada, Oaxaca City and Chihuahua City. Funding support is provided by the Beef Checkoff Program, the National Pork Board, Illinois Soybean Association and USDA’s Agricultural Trade Promotion Program and Market Access Program.

“Influencers and social media in general are showing strong interest in this campaign,” says Leticia Flores, USMEF communications specialist for Mexico, Central America and Dominican Republic. “There is great appreciation for how these segments spotlight the region and the work of those who produce these unique and wonderful products.”