Instagram Campaigns Share Stay-at-Home Ideas for U.S Meat in Japan

With more people staying home and preparing their own meals during COVID-19 restrictions in Japan, USMEF launched a series of Instagram campaigns encouraging new uses for U.S. beef and pork. The campaigns, funded by the Beef Checkoff Program and the National Pork Board, combined uplifting messages and images with easy-to-cook recipes. Instagram users were also invited to share experiences with U.S. red meat.

“Today’s Dinner” is the title of USMEF’s daily message sent to Japanese Instagrammers at the same time each afternoon, offering a variety of dinner ideas anchored by U.S. beef and pork.

Another promotion suggests consumers purchase U.S. beef at supermarkets to make their own hamburgers.

To launch the campaign, USMEF selected 10 Instagrammers and sent them U.S. beef, asking each to prepare hamburgers in unique ways and share their experience with their followers.

Before starting these promotions at the beginning of April, USMEF’s Instagram account was strengthened by an “American Meat Instagram Follow and Comment Campaign” in February and March. During that period, Instagrammers who followed USMEF and posted comments became eligible for prizes.

Reaching Japanese consumers who are staying home and preparing their own meals, USMEF launched Instagram campaigns sharing ideas and recipes for U.S. beef and pork