In China, U.S. Red Meat Touted as Main Ingredient in Japanese Cuisine

Growing interest in Japanese cuisine within China’s bar and restaurant scene led USMEF to promote U.S. beef and pork during a recipe development seminar in Shanghai.

Funded by the Texas Beef Council, the activity focused on China’s Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional (HRI) sector by creating an opportunity for red meat importers and HRI operators to meet face- to-face and establish a supply chain for U.S. red meat.

A short video from the event can be seen here.

“Japanese food has been popular among Chinese consumers for many years, with dishes such as yakiniku, Japanese barbecue and hotpot attracting diners to an assortment of restaurant concepts,” explained Ming Liang, USMEF marketing director in China. “Bars and restaurants have found that offering sake, wine and Japanese whiskies are also popular, so USMEF arranged an event where we could share recipe development ideas for U.S. beef and pork and also provide information about pairing the meat dishes with various drinks.”

USMEF partnered with XiaoRuiQi Trading Company, an importer that focuses on Japanese chain restaurants in China. Invited to participate in the activity were chefs and owners of Japanese bars and restaurants across Shanghai, along with foodservice managers of 5-star hotels and key media influencers.

Chinese Chef Yaojun Wu and Japanese Chef Honda Junichi shared recipes with the guests. They then served eight dishes made with U.S. beef and pork, emphasizing the quality and flavor of the products. Junichi also conducted a cooking demonstration highlighting U.S. beef sushi.

Sommelier Kikisake-shi Xiao Hu presented an educational session on pairing red meat dishes with Japanese sake.

Japanese Chef Honda Junichi explains preparations for U.S. beef sushi during a seminar for Chinese HRI operators

Junichi (right) and Chinese Chef Yaojun Wu shared information about the quality and flavor of U.S. beef and pork