Grilling Workshops Promoting U.S. Beef, Pork Resume in Mexico

USMEF restarted and expanded its Mobile Grill Academy tour in late 2020, adding workshops with commercial partners across Mexico.

Funded by the Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP) and the United Soybean Board, new U.S. beef and pork grilling events were held in Puebla and Bajio. The tour also included a meat-and-wine pairing workshop in Queretaro and a pork grilling workshop in Veracruz.

A related but separate activity conducted by USMEF was a grill and wine workshop at San Jose La Vista winery in Guanajuato. The goal of that event was to promote U.S. pork for grilling. Thirty foodservice operators participated in the event, which featured Chef Agustin Baradacco sharing information about grilling full-cut brisket bones with barbecue sauce and pork cowboy “al pastor” with pineapple sauce. Sommelier Ximena Seoanne spoke about the best options to pair grilled pork cuts and wines.

USMEF Grilling Academy tours resumed late last year with activities promoting U.S. beef and pork across Mexico