Grilling Ideas Shared at U.S. Beef Summer Barbecue Party in Shanghai

Capitalizing on the growing interest in barbecue among consumers in China, USMEF teamed with a major retail chain to host a “U.S. Beef Summer Barbecue Party” in Shanghai.

Funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, the activity was held at a City Super supermarket location. The chain specializes in chilled beef and encouraged consumers to try thick-cut U.S. beef ribeye steaks and short rib hot pot slices for grilling. Shoppers sampled various dishes during in-store grilling demonstrations and tasting sessions.

A brief video from the activity can be seen here.

“USMEF continues to look for ways to promote new cuts of U.S. beef as a main ingredient for seasonal events, such as barbecues in the summer grilling season,” said Ming Liang, USMEF marketing director in China. “City Super embraced the barbecue promotion, which kept the momentum growing by sharing new ideas and new cuts with Chinese consumers. There is a barbecue and Yakiniku boom in China’s restaurant sector, and we expect it to expand to the retail sector, as well.”

Among those participating in the barbecue event was a celebrity chef who owns a popular Japanese restaurant in Shanghai. The chef prepared appetizers that were shared with City Super shoppers: char- broiled U.S. beef tenderloin and U.S. beef short rib sushi rolls.

A U.S. beef barbecue buffet featuring U.S. wagyu beef and USDA Prime beef was also served. Throughout the event, the chefs and City Super employees shared information about the advantages of U.S. beef, highlighting reasons why U.S. beef is a great option for summer barbecue dishes.

A City Super employee in Shanghai explains why U.S. beef is a good choice for grilling during USMEF’s “U.S. Beef Summer Barbecue Party”