Georgian Consumers Learn about U.S. Beef, Enjoy Various Steak Cuts

A retail promotion conducted just prior to the arrival of COVID-19 restrictions in the Republic of Georgia is expected to boost e-commerce sales of U.S. beef. The promotion, funded by the Texas Beef Council, was held at an upscale market in Tbilisi in conjunction with regional importer Premium Foods Group.

U.S. T-bones, porterhouses, ribeyes and New York strips were highlighted and USMEF used Facebook and Instagram to advertise the event.

Georgian restaurant owner and chef Guram Bagdoshvili presented the steaks and shared information about the advantages of U.S. beef. He cooked several cuts and tasting samples were given to shoppers. USMEF also provided brochures with tips on U.S. beef handling and storage.

“Sales of U.S. beef during the promotion were very good,” explained Galina Kochubeeva, USMEF representative in Russia and the Surrounding Region. “Stay-at-home orders were lifted in Georgia April 27, and we have started to do more in-store promotions in the market. The quarantine is over and more shoppers are visiting grocery stores to buy food. We would like to use this opportunity for further promotion of the U.S. beef at retail in Georgian market.”

A retail promotion at an upscale market in Tbilisi, Georgia, promoted U.S. beef’s attributes and offered tasting samples