Flavor of U.S. Pork Focus of Retail Tasting Sessions in Ukraine

Featuring the flavor difference between U.S. pork and competitors’ products available in Ukraine, USMEF conducted tasting sessions at three markets that are part of a popular Kyiv retail chain.

Funded by the USDA Market Access Program (MAP) and the National Pork Board, the promotions included displays of U.S. pork spareribs and baby back ribs in the food court areas of WineTime locations.

Customers enjoyed tasting samples of U.S. pulled pork and pork ribs, with representatives explaining the palatability of the U.S. pork compared to domestic pork and pork from other countries.

“Spreading the word about the availability of U.S. pork cuts in Ukraine is a goal in 2021 because we feel the quality of U.S. pork is superior to competitors’ products,” said Galina Kochubeeva, USMEF representative in the region. “Retail outlets in Ukraine sell pork from Spain, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Canada. Tastings and retail promotions are good ways to educate consumers and give them a taste of U.S. pork.”

Kochubeeva noted that USMEF plans to continue working with the WineTime chain and other Ukrainian retailers to expand the variety of U.S. pork cuts sold at retail in the country.

A customer at a WineTime location in Kyiv, Ukraine, asks about U.S. pork during a USMEF retail promotion