Festival Promotes Traditional, Alternative U.S. Beef Cuts in Ukraine

Presenting traditional cuts of U.S. beef alongside alternative cuts and using a Western-U.S. theme as a backdrop, USMEF conducted a month-long Texas Beef Festival at a popular restaurant complex in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city.

A short video from the festival can be seen here.

Funded by the Texas Beef Council, the promotional effort took place during September at Veranda on the River, which sits aside the Dnipro River and attracts both local diners and tourists.

Chef Sergei Bashinsky, who previously participated in USMEF’s Beef 101 training program, led the Texas Beef Festival, helping develop a menu featuring U.S. beef hanging tender, flank steak, rib fingers, ribeye roll, tomahawk steaks and tenderloin filet mignon. At a special opening of the festival, Bashinsky prepared a traditional low-and-slow smoked and cooked Texas-style beef brisket.

Through Bashinsky’s presentations, guests learned about the quality advantages of U.S. beef over competitors’ products and about U.S. beef production. They also learned about the culinary culture of Texas and about the methods and processes that produce Texas barbecue.

“Because atmosphere is important to people in Ukraine, staff at the restaurant dressed as traditional cowboys and cowgirls. Adding to the festival’s portrayal of historic Western-U.S. culture, entertainers also performed traditional country music for diners,” explained Galina Kochubeeva, USMEF representative in Russia and the Surrounding Region. “For fans of U.S. beef, the Texas Beef Festival offered some new dishes and new ideas. For diners trying it for the first time, the event was a great experience and a great way to be introduced to U.S. beef.”

Chefs prepare beef cuts for cooking during the Texas Beef Festival at Veranda on the River in Kyiv, Ukraine, as chef Sergei Bashinsky explains the advantages of traditional and alternative cuts of U.S. beef