‘Eat at Home’ Campaign Encourages Japanese Shoppers to Choose U.S. Pork

Emphasizing the flavor and versatility of thick-cut U.S. pork at a time when more Japanese consumers are cooking their own meals, USMEF launched an “Eat at Home” campaign this month that will run through July and is expected to include more than 2,000 retail stores.

Funded by the National Pork Board (NPB) and the United Soybean Board (USB), the project promoting U.S. pork loin steak, butt and tenderloin has its own website, which can be viewed here.

“Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people in Japan are not able to eat at restaurants and are purchasing more food, especially meat, at supermarkets,” explained Takemichi Yamashoji, USMEF director in Japan.

“USMEF sees this as an opportunity and we are encouraging shoppers to choose U.S. pork instead of domestic pork and pork from other countries. We are also sharing recipes for cooking U.S. pork in a variety of ways, including slow-cooking at low temperatures to bring out the flavor and tenderness.”

To assist shoppers and provide new ideas, USMEF developed four unique sauces and seasonings for thick-cut pork recipes. Packages of the sauces and seasonings are attached to packages of U.S. pork in participating supermarkets. Recipe cards are also being distributed.

USMEF’s ‘Eat at Home’ campaign in Japan is promoting thick-cut U.S. pork by including recipe cards and information about different cooking methods for loin, butt, tenderloin and other cuts