E-Commerce Promotion in Vietnam Highlights U.S. Pork Spareribs, Brisket Bones

With a special focus on U.S. pork spareribs and brisket bones, USMEF partnered with a grocery chain in Ho Chi Minh City on a campaign designed to assist Vietnam’s retail sector and sustain sales of U.S. pork during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funded by the Indiana Soybean Alliance, the effort was also described as a show of support for importers of U.S. red meat that supply the market’s retail sector.

“Like most other countries, the pandemic forced retailers in Vietnam to boost their online shopping options and many consumers relied on home delivery services to get meat and other foods,” explained Sabrina Yin, USMEF director in the ASEAN region. “This activity with La Maison, a chain that specializes in imported food products and one that USMEF has worked with in the past, capitalized on the company’s existing e-commerce platform.”

To encourage more consumers to choose U.S. pork when shopping online, USMEF provided U.S. pork stuffed toys as a complimentary gift.

Social media was used by USMEF and La Maison to create attention for the promotion.

Employees of the La Maison grocery chain in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam prepare to deliver U.S. pork to an e-commerce customer, along with U.S. pork stuffed toys provided by USMEF and the Indiana Soybean Alliance