Dubai Retailers Again Hosting In-Store Promotions of U.S. Beef

USMEF resumed in-person promotions at the end of 2020, partnering with U.S. beef importers to conduct activities at four LuLu Hypermarkets and four Carrefour retail locations in Dubai.

Funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, the month-long effort included the introduction of high-quality U.S. beef cuts at Carrefour, which previously offered only processed U.S. beef items.

U.S. beef cuts highlighted at both retailers were tenderloin, striploin, ribeye, topside, brisket, chuck, ground beef and beef burgers.

Shoppers were educated about U.S. beef attributes such as marbling, flavor and food safety. Tasting samples included grilled U.S. beef ribeye, striploin and burgers at Carrefour while brisket and ribeye were served at LuLu. Bilingual recipe books with cooking tips for U.S. beef were also given to shoppers.

Shoppers at a Carrefour store in Dubai learn about U.S. beef during the return of in-person promotions