Cooler Bag Campaign for Delivery Service Promotes U.S. Pork in Colombia

Providing support to a major importer and distributor of U.S. pork in Colombia, USMEF conducted a promotional campaign this summer that included a giveaway of mobile cooler bags for customers in Cartagena.

Funded by the National Pork Board and Iowa Corn Promotion Board, the campaign took place in June and July with Comerpes, which has two retail stores in Cartagena and supplies meat products to foodservice businesses in the city.

“Comerpes implemented a delivery service to facilitate the purchase of U.S. pork and other products during restrictions caused by the COVID pandemic,” explained Don Mason, USMEF representative in Colombia. “Customers who ordered a minimum quantity of U.S. pork products received the coolers filled with their orders, whether the sales were in-store or online.”

USMEF created social media attention to the promotion by posting to its Instagram and Facebook pages. According to Mason, the activity resulted in a significant increase in sales compared to the month of May – before launch of the promotion. U.S. pork bone-in ham represented the biggest increase, with a 134% jump in sales.

“We heard from many consumers who decided for the first time to include a U.S. pork cut in their order because of the promotion,” said Mason. “That was a goal of this promotion.”

USMEF social media efforts helped draw attention to the U.S. pork cooler bag promotion in Cartagena, Colombia, this summer