Barbecue Event in Ukraine Highlights Several U.S. Pork Cuts

Baby back ribs, bellies and hams were just a few of the U.S. pork items promoted by USMEF during a special barbecue event in Kyiv, Ukraine. Held at Steakhouse Kyiv and funded by the National Pork Board, the event attracted nearly 100 Ukrainian importers, distributors, restaurant managers and retail buyers.

Chef Tim Broderick demonstrates preparation of U.S. pork for barbecue during a USMEF seminar in Kyiv, Ukraine

Timothy Broderick, a barbecue expert and general manager and executive chef of Big Apple Concepts in Hong Kong, led the five-hour seminar designed to promote U.S. pork to Ukraine’s hotel, restaurant and institutional (HRI) and retail sectors. Broderick shared the history of classic American barbecue and demonstrated some of the techniques and equipment used by professional barbecue chefs.

Meat preparation, proper temperature settings, the nuances of brining and curing and the importance of meat thickness were covered.

Broderick also discussed dry rubs, wet rubs and sauces used for barbecue in the various regions of the United States.

Throughout the seminar, participants were introduced to U.S. pork baby back ribs, spareribs, St. Louis-style ribs, brisket bones, bellies and whole bone-in hams used for pulled pork.

The event received considerable media and social media attention, led by CaBaRe-Drinks, a Ukrainian Journal for HRI professionals, highlighting U.S. pork for barbecue. The publication’s coverage of the event and interview with Broderick can be seen here. Reports and videos from the seminar were also posted on various websites and social media platforms, including the American Pork Club site.

Broderick cuts barbecued U.S. pork ribs for tasting by the nearly 100 importers, distributors, restaurant managers and retail buyers in Ukraine

Last year U.S. pork exports to this emerging market totaled 181 metric tons (mt), an increase of nearly 700% from 2018. By value, exports increased 527% to $1.3 million.