Bacon, Sausage Focus of U.S. Pork Promotion on Home Shopping Channel in Korea

To capitalize on the recent growth in online food purchasing, USMEF partnered with distributor SPC Samlip to promote U.S. processed pork products through a popular home shopping network in South Korea. Funded by the National Pork Board, sales promotions in March on GS Home Shopping included a special “American Pork Day” with a focus on U.S. bacon and sausage.

GS Home Shopping offers food and household products through cable TV home shopping channels, online shopping malls, catalogues and mobile shopping applications.

Alex Choi, USMEF marketing manager in Korea, said the effort was one of several promotions conducted with e-commerce platforms and home shopping networks over the past several weeks.

“Social distancing, working from home and school closures have contributed to online sales growth for food and meat products. Processed pork products, such as canned ham and sausages, have experienced average sales growth of 10% to 30% in recent weeks.”

Choi points out that home shopping and e-commerce businesses are reporting that their product delivery services are running at full capacity, with shopping channels and websites in experiencing up to 10 times their normal traffic.

A second “American Pork Day” promotion aired on the channel April 3.

Hosts of GS Home Shopping in South Korea cook and talk about the quality and versatility of U.S. bacon and sausage during a special ‘American Pork Day’ sales promotion