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Foot-And-Mouth Disease Outbreak Impacts Exports

An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in an extensively farmed livestock area in San Luis del Palmar in the northeast Argentine province of Corrientes was reported to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) on Feb. 8.

Argentina is the world’s third largest beef exporter, but following news of the FMD outbreak, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay moved quickly to suspend imports of Argentine beef, while Brazil’s government said it was introducing more stringent import restrictions on Argentine livestock.

Argentina’s National Agrifood Health and Quality Service (SENASA) reports 70 head of cattle have been infected on a farm of 3,012 cattle, 30 sheep and 25 goats. Judging by observations of lesions and clinical signs at the farm, preliminary investigations by SENASA suggest the outbreak probably started Jan. 26.

The source of the outbreak is unknown. Corresponding epidemiological investigations are being carried out with tracing, inspection and sampling of farms that have had animal movements in order to investigate the origin and probable spread.

SENASA has quarantined a 12-mile radius around the outbreak area, and animal movement in the country is being controlled.  Animals in the affected area are being vaccinated, and the farm has been disinfected.


Sauce Promotion Adds Flavor To U.S. Pork

USMEF recently concluded a U.S. pork mini-sauce campaign with 33 retail companies at 2,670 outlets in Japan. The campaign included nationwide retailers, such as Ito Yokado, Aeon, and Daiei, regional retailers and cooperative stores.

The goal of the promotion was to enhance the demand for U.S. pork in Japanese supermarkets by putting the U.S. pork brand in the forefront of consumers’ minds and to establish brand awareness.

In cooperation with Daisho, a major seasoning sauce manufacturer, four kinds of original mini-seasoning sauces for U.S. pork were packaged and distributed with U.S. pork products. The sauces distributed were for popular Japanese pork recipes, such as ginger pork, shabu-shabu salad, spare ribs and nibuta (boiled pork). 

The promotion was successful in increasing the awareness of U.S. pork and demonstrating easy cooking methods for popular seasonal menu items. At targeted retail stores, the campaign increased U.S. pork sales 5 to 10 percent from one year ago.